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1Transfer Station

Transfer StationOnce you throw your trash away, the trash truck picks it up and brings it to the Transfer Station

Transfer StationThey dump the trash from their trucks on to the Transfer Station floor.

Transfer StationWe then smash and compact the trash so it can be loaded onto tractor trailers to be driven to its forever home, the landfill.

lots of trashWe receive 400 tons of trash per day. That is about 100,000 tons of trash per year.

TruckWe send 18 tractor trailers of trash to the landfill each day.

scrap metal pileWe also collect scrap metal for recycling at the Transfer Station.

Scrap metal being crushedThe metal is also smashed and compacted, but does not go to a landfill – it goes to a recycling center to be made into new metal.

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