WPSU Virtual Field Trips WPSU Virtual Field Trips



WPSU producer showing various pieces of audio equipmentThere are a variety of microphones and accessories that are used for the different situations that may be recorded.

WPSU producer showing shotgun micThe shotgun mic is designed to capture audio from a distance.

WPSU producer showing wind sock for microphoneA windsock can be placed over the mic to help reduce ambient noise such as the wind.

WPSU producer showing boom micThe microphone can also be placed on a boom to allow you to capture audio from your subject without you or the microphone being in the frame.

WPSU producer setting up boom micboom mic over person's headYou can place the boom on a stand and then extend it out to place the microphone above your subject’s head.

WPSU producer showing lavalier micAnother type of microphone is the lavalier microphone, which is a small, wired microphone that can be clipped to your subjects clothing.

WPSU producer showing lavalier transmitterLavalier microphones are typically connected to a transmitter, which is also worn by the subject, that sends the audio to a receiver.

audio field mixer When out in the field, microphones are typically connected to a field mixer, a receiver that blends everything together and then sends the audio to the camera.

screen shot of audio editing software

screen shot of audio editing softwareOnce back in the studio, audio mixes are created using a computer program by taking video files that have been edited and blending the audio, music, and sound effects so that the viewer can hear everything they are supposed to.

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