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picture of a sign from the cage of a peregrine falconShaver’s Creek Environmental Center is home to a variety of hawks, owls, eagles, vultures, and falcons — a group of birds known as raptors.

Turkey Buzzard walking in grassOne of the raptors that calls Shaver’s Creek home is this turkey buzzard named Neo.

a raptor specialist crouching on the ground next to a turkey buzzardAt the aviary, the goal is to make sure all of the animals lives are as enriched as possible. Sometimes that means taking them outside.

a raptor expert training a hawkSometimes that means doing training sessions inside their enclosures.

\barred owl on scaleThis barred owl is being weighed.  The birds weight lets the care takers know how much to feed them, and gauge how their seasonal energy is being spent… such as using more energy in the summer to stay cool or more energy in the winter to stay warm.

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