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Frog Pond

frog pondHere we are at the frog pond. What do you notice about it?

There is definitely water and a lot of green.

purple flowerThere is also a little bit of purple.

rock in pondThere are large rocks.

tree trunk sticking out of pondThere are even trunks of trees.

frog in pondAll of these things make this an excellent habitat for frogs and salamanders. These animals are amphibians. Amphibian means “double life” because they start their lives in the water, then move out onto the land.

The amphibians lay their eggs in the water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles.

frog in pondEventually the tadpoles grow legs, then they can move out onto the land.

Maybe there is a pond near you that you could explore. Maybe you could find some amphibians there.

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