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The Lake

Lake Perez at Shaver's CreekThe lake is a habitat for many animals.

turtle in the lakeYou might see some turtles.

water snake laying in grassYou might even spot a water snake.

flock of geese swimming in lakeYou can see geese and many other animals too, but seeing in just one of our senses.

view of the lake at Shavers Creek from the boardwalk trailThe lake is a great place to explore by listening. If you were sitting near a lake and just listened, what do you think you might hear and discover?

woman sitting near a lake holding a pencil and notebookWhen listening, you can record what you are hearing with a sound map. All you need to make a sound map is a pencil and paper.

Draw and “X” in the middle of a sheet of paper to represent you. Then pay attention to where sounds are coming from around you and map them onto your page.

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