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WPSU Virtual Field Trip Kits

WPSU Virtual Field Trip Kits are available through the following Intermediate Unit (IU) Lending Libraries. Kits may be requested by educators in these regions through their individual request systems.

Kits Available

Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority: Paper Making Kit

Recycle paper with this paper making kit! This kit includes 4 paper making sets so you can have students rotate through the process. Add flowers, leaves, or other decorative items to create individual art works! Watch this video on how to make paper using the items in the kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Manual Food Processor with plastic blade (2)
  • Wooden Paper Screen Moulds (4 sets)
  • Plastic Trays (4)
  • Sponges (4)

Fort Roberdeau: Historical Games

Travel back in time for some fun! Create up to five stations for students to rotate through and play a variety of historical games that are highlighted in the Virtual Field Trip. Games include checkers, catching cups, miniature bowling, solitaire, and ring toss.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Checkers rug mat with checkers (1 set)
  • Catching Cups (5 sets)
  • Miniature Wooden Bowling Set (1)
  • Wooden Solitare (1)
  • Wooden Ring Toss (1)

Shaver’s Creek: Nature Observation Kit

Take this kit with your students to explore the outdoors. Ignite students’ interest in a watershed experience by using this kit to examine bugs on land with help from the bug catchers, and in water by using pipettes and the water trays.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Bug Catchers (16)
  • Bug Holders (30)
  • Pipettes (50)
  • Plastic containers to transport water (15)
  • Paint Palettes to hold water samples (30)
  • Handheld Magnifying Glasses (15)

WPSU Studios: Media Production Kit

Encourage students to become storytellers and media makers with the WPSU production kit. Using this mobile photo box students can create stop motion, claymation, or other video projects as well as take professional photos. Get creative by using the different colored background sets and green gloves to add movement to objects without being seen!

Kit includes:

  • Teacher guide
  • Photo Box (1) with color backgrounds
  • Green Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Laptop Tripod Stand (includes USB/wall adapter)

Request your kit from your Intermediate Unit

Please contact Sarah Hamilton with any questions, smh7421@psu.edu or complete this inquiry form.