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Fort Roberdeau

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This is an overhead map of the Fort Roberdeau historic site.

Click the icons on the map to learn about the different buildings and areas in and around the fort.

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View from outside to inside of Fort Roberdeau

1 The Fort

Find out why the fort was built, why it looks the way it does, and how it got its nickname, “The Lead Mine Fort.”


Officers quarters at Fort Roberdeau

2 Officers’ Quarters

Visit the Officers’ Quarters to learn how the leaders and soldiers at Fort Roberdeau lived and conducted their work.



3 Cannon

The main defensive weapon at the fort was the cannon. Learn about how the cannon was used.


Tinsmith shop at Fort Roberdeau

4 Tinsmith Shop

Stop by the Tinsmith Shop to learn how the lead that was mined was made into ammunition. Learn what other tools and everyday items they would make there.


Barracks and Storehouse

5 Storehouse and Cabins

Rations issued to the militia were kept in the Storehouse. The Cabins were where the soldiers stayed and slept and also where the doctor treated sick and wounded soldiers.



6 Garden

Stop by the garden to find out what kind of crops frontier people grew, both to eat and make useful items.


Log House

7 Log House

Visit the Log House to see what living conditions were like for those who lived on the frontier in 1778.


women dressed in colonial era clothing

8 Farmhouse

Visit with the women at the farmhouse to learn about the types of clothing the men and women wore in colonial times.


Barn at Fort Roberdeau

9 Barn

How did people in colonial times transport the supplies to the Continental Army? Look inside the barn to find out.


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