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2Officers Quarters

Officers quarters at Fort RoberdeauThe officers’ quarters was the living space for the officers and also served as the administrative office of the fort.

Major CluggageThe man pictured is portraying Major Robert Cluggage. Major Cluggage was one of the officers at Fort Roberdeau. The officers were elected by the men, and were upperclass.

a ranger at Fort RoberdeauThere were two types of soldiers that occupied Fort Roberdeau, rangers and militia.

The man pictured is portraying a ranger, also known as a scout.  They spent a lot of time in the woods looking for the enemy… Native Americans, British rangers from Fort Niagara, and American loyalists whom they called “tories.”

If a ranger were to spot enemies in the area, he would go around to the farms nearby and alert the people to take shelter at the fort.

There were no Continental soldiers out on the frontier, so the soldiers at Fort Roberdeau were militia. The militia were the local men, who were lower class farmers and tradesmen.

All men between the ages of 16 and 60 were required by Pennsylvania law to serve in the militia.

a dining table and fireplace inside the officers quarters at Fort Roberdeau This is inside the officers quarters at the fort.

fireplace in the officers quarters at Fort RoberdeauA fireplace was essential for the officers to stay warm. There was no electricity in 1778!

This table is where the officers would eat their meals. It also served as a work table where they would make their plans for the next day.

This is where the officers slept.

The officers had to be able to read and write letters to correspond with the government and commanders in other areas. Not everyone could read and write in 1778!

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