WPSU Virtual Field Trips WPSU Virtual Field Trips


1Broadcast and Engineering

WPSU engineer in master control roomThe master control room is where a master control operator monitors all incoming and outgoing signals for the four WPSU television channels.

monitor showing wpsu broadcast channels

monitor showing wpsu programming scheduleA master control operator needs to ensure that the channels are both on the air and airing the correct programming.

satellite in spaceA majority of the programming is received at the station via a satellite located approximately 22,300 miles above the Earth.

satellite dishThe signal is received at the station using a satellite dish aimed at the satellite which is in a geosynchronous orbit, meaning it is in the same place above the Earth at all times.

WPSU engineer in server roomThe signal then moves around the station using cables, LOTS of them – many miles of cables.

many blue cable wiresEach cable is carrying a specific signal from piece of equipment to another.

cables connected to a serverOnce local elements have been added to the broadcast signals, the channels are sent to the cable companies using fiber optic cables (which use light to transmit the signal).

microwave transmitters on WPSU building roofUsing microwave dishes located on the roof of the station, the broadcast signal is also sent over the air to towers to transmit the signal to the viewing area.

drone shot of WPSU clearfield transmitter towerThe main transmitter for the broadcast area is located approximately 37 miles away in Clearfield.

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