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2TV Studio

WPSU technician operating a studio tv cameraWPSU creates a number of productions both live and recorded.

tv studio cameraEvery production begins with the cameras.

persons hands on tv camera handles

WPSU technician looking through tv camera view finderWhen setting up the cameras it is important to make sure they are positioned properly.

tv studio lights

tv studio lights turned onIn addition to cameras, lights are critical for ensuring the viewer can see what they are supposed to.

WPSU technician touching computer screenThe lights are controlled by a computer program that allows the operator to turn lights off and on and adjust the brightness levels.

WPSU technician moving studio lights

WPSU technician moving studio lightsOperators have to manually adjust light positioning and hang additional lights if needed.

hosts and guest on a tv setThe final element of a production is the set.

WPSU technicians moving set piecesIn order to create the set, items such as a stage, monitor, seats, props, etc. are brought out and placed accordingly.

WPSU technician in a tv broadcast control roomThe control room is where the production comes together. Here the cameras, additional video sources, and graphics are all displayed in one place on the monitor wall.

hands operating a tv studio switcherThen, using the switcher, the controller can choose what the audience will see.

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