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Photo of producer with headsetThe producer oversees all aspects of a production. They create a set of goals, develop a schedule for the production and work with all the different crew members involved in the production to ensure that they know what the schedule is and have what they need to make it happen.

video technician operating television cameraIn the studio they work with videographers to help select and set up shots and lighting.

audio technician setting boom mic above tv hostThey work with the audio staff to design the overall sound design for a show.

tv host speaking in front of tv camerasThey work with the people in front of the camera, also called the talent, making sure they are comfortable and know what is going on for the show.

producer making notes on a scriptIf there is a script for the talent, the producer will go over it with them ahead of time as well.

technician operating a broadcast swtichboardStudio productions also require working with a technical director who works with the camera operators and determines which shots to use on air.

producer giving direction to technician operating a video camera on tripodSometimes producers get to go to a location, such as for a documentary. This type of production usually involves a much smaller crew than in the studio – often just a videographer and an audio engineer.

sample of a scriptFor these types of productions, the producer watches all the footage that was shot. They read over the transcripts of what was said in interviews, and create a script to give to the editor.

WPSU producer sitting at a computerThe producer will then work with an editor and audio technician to create the final production.

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