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3Interpretive Center

Interpretive CenterThe Interpretive Center was built back in 2001. It was constructed using many materials that you recycle at home.

CCRRA Interpretive CenterThe walls are made from recycled newspaper. The lighting fixtures are made from recycled aluminum.

Interpretive Center flooringThe floors are made from recycled tires and recycled glass.

Interpretive Center countertopsThe countertops are made from recycled plastic.

Interpretive Center corkboard wallThe corkboards are made from cork trees.

CCRRA Model LandfillThe model landfill shows where your non-recycled trash ends up after you throw it away. Day after day, trash is placed in the landfill and covered. You can see the many layers of the landfill. It takes about 30 years to fill one landfill.

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