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2Recycling Processing Facility

Recycling Processing FacilityCCRRA collects curbside recycling from over 27,000 households in Centre County, 800 businesses and over 100 recycling drop off containers. All of the recycling is stored here.

cardboard on conveyor belt to be reclycledThe recycling is then placed onto a belt where it is hand-sorted into many different categories.

plastic being sorted for recycling We sort plastic, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard. We have to make sure to take any contamination out while sorting.

bales of plastic recycling Once the material is sorted, it is baled.

cardboard bales being loaded onto a truckThe bales are then loaded into tractor trailers to be sent to recycling centers to be made into new material.

large pile of bottles to be reclycledWe receive about 15,000 tons of recycling per year.

large pile of cardboard balesWe make about 11,000 recycling bales each year.

large pile of cardboard balesWe recycle about 250 tons of electronics per year.

scrap metal pileWe recycle about 350 tons of scrap metal per year.

Pile of old tires to be recycledWe recycle about 400 tons of tires per year.

large pile of wood to be recycledWe recycle about 800 tons of wood waste per year.

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