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WPSU Studios

This is a floorplan of the WPSU production facility.

Click the icons on the floorplan to learn about the work that is done in the different areas of the building.

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1 Broadcast and Engineering

Start at the master control room to learn how TV shows make it from the WPSU studios to your television and other devices at home.


WPSU technician in a tv broadcast control room

2 TV Studio

Visit the TV studio and control room to learn what it takes to create a television show.


Photo of producer with headset

3 Producing

Learn about all of the responsibilities of a television producer.


WPSU videographer adjusting a video camera

4 Videography

Learn about the types of cameras and lenses needed to record video.


WPSU producer setting up boom mic

5 Audio

Learn about the equipment needed to record sound for a video production.


WPSU producer sitting at a computer

6 Video Editing

Stop by the edit suite to see how a video editor puts recorded footage together to create a finished program.


radio producer talking into microphone

7 Radio

Visit the FM studio to learn how radio programming is put together.


website developer at desktop computer

8 Multimedia

Learn a little about how multimedia specialists creates graphics and web pages.


Behind the Scenes

Don’t let these professionals fool you, we all make mistakes. It’s important to keep trying (and to learn how to edit!).

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